Artist Residency, Artist Community

Located on 150 acres of redwood forest, Project 387 provided a multidisciplinary residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for artists in all career stages. The residency was a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process in a focused, exploratory, and rigorous manner while removed from the clamor of urban distractions.

After four amazing seasons, Project 387 made the tough choice to cease operations. We will never forget the amazing experiences we had with a truly wonderful community of artists. It was our honor to provide time and space for artists to explore their creative process. This website serves as an archive to that time.

Meet Cybele Lyle

Interested in learning more about Cybele Lyle and the work she plans to explore at Project 387? Read our interview with her below!

p387: Tell us briefly about the focus of your work.

 Cybele: I’m interested in transforming the architecture and natural environment around me into a new space - one to meet my own personal needs and narrative. I think of structures and place the way I think of text – as something that is edit-able/re-written by the reader to create the story one sees, needs and wants. I want to break down the structures around me and rebuild them into something emotionally safe to inhabit.

p387: What themes are you currently exploring?

Cybele: Architecture, the moon, color, materiality, shadows and the unknown

p387: What are you looking at, reading, or listening to right now that is influencing your work or process?

Cybele: I recently acquired a kindle with someone else’s books on it. So I’m slowly making my way through those. Mostly science fiction. I don’t know which is influencing which – if my life is influencing what I’m reading, if what I’m reading is influencing my work, and/or if my work is influencing my life – but I know influence is happening.

p387: What does a typical day in the studio/office look like for you?

 Cybele: It depends on the day, week and month. Often, it’s a lot of rearranging the furniture and my work and the places to make and think. But my music is almost always on. Lately it’s sitting and thinking, writing and moving things around.

p387: Is there anything unusual that helps you stay focused while working?

Cybele: To stay focused, I close the doors and try to shut-out the outside world, and if possible, my thoughts. Music helps. But I don’t think any of that is unusual.

p387: What's the best advice someone has giving you about your work? The worst?

 Cybele: Best advice has been to try to let go of reason and the worst has been to get more technical.

p387: Are you involved in any upcoming shows/events/happenings?

Cybele: I am in two shows that are currently up. I’m in great company at a show at Kala in Berkeley called “Para-Apparatus” that is up til the end of July. And I have a solo show called “The Moon is Slowly Rising” at Et al. Gallery in San Francisco. It’s up through the first week in July. 

p387: Is there one particular thing you are most looking forward to at Project 387?

Cybele: Exploring the coast and the forest!


Thanks Cybele! Here is a sneak peak at the forest for you!