Artist Residency, Artist Community

Located on 150 acres of redwood forest, Project 387 provided a multidisciplinary residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for artists in all career stages. The residency was a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process in a focused, exploratory, and rigorous manner while removed from the clamor of urban distractions.

After four amazing seasons, Project 387 made the tough choice to cease operations. We will never forget the amazing experiences we had with a truly wonderful community of artists. It was our honor to provide time and space for artists to explore their creative process. This website serves as an archive to that time.

An Overdue Update

As the days have gotten longer and the weather has gotten nicer, we have realized it was time for our Project 387 blog to come out of hibernation. While on surface we may have appeared to be lulled into a winter stupor, still waters have been running deep. For the last five months, Project 387’s board met numerous times to revise and streamline the application process, read applications, select finalists and ultimately choose the 2014 candidates. It was another amazing and humbling process that allowed us a glimpse into the amazing work being created all over the world. In the end, we feel we selected a diverse, talented, and dedicated group to join our second year.

As we prepare the property for another round of residents, we have been reflecting a great deal on how much we learned and grew last year. We were so lucky to have a truly fabulous group of inaugural artists who were daring enough to jump into a completely new situation. In the next coming months, we’ll be reorganizing and reestablishing studio spaces to account for our different artists needs, getting accommodations set, and finalizing our dinner menus. I am sure we will have some excellent photos to share.

In the meantime, we would love to introduce you to our 2014 residents.

We are pleased to welcome:

Joseph Becker

Christy Chan

Kristina Larsen and Sebastian Martin

Cybele Lyle

Masako Miki

In the next coming weeks we will be highlighting each project to come. Stay tuned to hear more!