Artist Residency, Artist Community

Located on 150 acres of redwood forest, Project 387 provided a multidisciplinary residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for artists in all career stages. The residency was a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process in a focused, exploratory, and rigorous manner while removed from the clamor of urban distractions.

After four amazing seasons, Project 387 made the tough choice to cease operations. We will never forget the amazing experiences we had with a truly wonderful community of artists. It was our honor to provide time and space for artists to explore their creative process. This website serves as an archive to that time.

After the End

Our pilot season wrapped on Sunday. All the studios were packed, living spaces cleaned, and sad goodbyes said.  We can hardly believe how fast the time flew. After two weeks of intense creative production, artist talks, communal dinners, and evening fun, it was a sudden change here to return to the natural quiet of the woods and ocean.  We could not have asked for a better start to our burgeoning program.

Saturday marked the beginning of an annual tradition, the Project 387 Open House. We had over sixty people from the community as well as friends and colleagues from the Bay Area come check out what had been happening here at mile marker 3.87. Everyone was thrilled to see the artistic process in action.

Project 387 aims to be a space for exploration and experimentation. Every artist who visited this year was able to delve into complicated new themes, push the boundaries of their existing practice, and produce new ideas. This is our measure of true success. We can’t wait to continue on next year.

Project 387 would like to thank a few people who made this year possible:

Sydney and Ray Feeney- without whom the project could not have happened. No ifs, ands, or buts about it.

Sarah Koik- Social media maven and an all hands on deck-er

Betsy Partridge and Tom Ratcliff- Cheer squad and tour guides

Katherine Starros- fellow interviewer and taskmaster

Madeleine Wilhite- residency insider

Jeanette Stefani- The Intern, Snack Master, and Speed Racer

In-kind support provided by:

Kim DeFay and Rusty McBride

Cathi and Bill Mathews

Anna and Gary Grossnickle Hines

Betsy Partridge and Tom Ratcliff

Bob Baker

Jose, Hector, and Rita Luna

Greg and Jeanine Stefani

Susan and Frank Jackson

And of course our pioneer artists who were willing to dive in and create something truly memorable and special:

Bryan Allen

Rich Benjamin

Claudia Biçen

Sean McFarland

Stephanie Smith

Robert Wechsler