Artist Residency, Artist Community

Located on 150 acres of redwood forest, Project 387 provided a multidisciplinary residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for artists in all career stages. The residency was a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process in a focused, exploratory, and rigorous manner while removed from the clamor of urban distractions.

After four amazing seasons, Project 387 made the tough choice to cease operations. We will never forget the amazing experiences we had with a truly wonderful community of artists. It was our honor to provide time and space for artists to explore their creative process. This website serves as an archive to that time.

Introductions: Rich Benjamin

Over the weekend we heard from Rich Benjamin about life as a writer. Read on to learn about his process. 


1. Tell us briefly about the focus of your work.

I’m focusing on a book right now, as opposed to short-form writing projects.

2. What themes are you currently exploring?

Money.  Power. Power rivets me—as a problem, as a weapon, as a dynamic, as a positive tool.

3. What are you looking at, reading, or listening to right now that is influencing your work or process?

Photos of people in families – they are very revealing documents of how people relate

Seamus Heaney’s poems

French films (non-linear storytelling)

The Wall Street Journal – an un-ironic mouthpiece of corporate wealth. The financial Establishment’s daily statement of how things should be.

4. What does a typical day in the office look like for you?

No such thing as a typical day!

5. Is there anything unusual that helps you stay focused while working?

Nope.  If I’m unfocused or distracted, that’s a substantive problem, not a procedural one.  If what I’m working on can’t sustain my own focus, certainly it won’t sustain the public’s.  The point isn’t to discipline my focus, the point is to make my work compelling. 

6. What's the best advice someone has giving you about your work? The worst?

Find the heat.  Go where I am most passionate; where the stakes are highest; where there is the most danger and depth.  Don’t linger on the surfaces, go to the hot, molten core. 

7. Are you involved in any upcoming shows/events/happenings?

This fall I will be guest hosting an episode of "After Word" on Book TV.  And please follow me on Twitter: @RichBenjaminUSA

 8. Is there one particular thing you are most looking forward to at Project 387?

 My work.  Some good fellow travelers.