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Located on 150 acres of redwood forest, Project 387 provided a multidisciplinary residency program offering a community-based living and working experience for artists in all career stages. The residency was a unique opportunity to delve into the creative process in a focused, exploratory, and rigorous manner while removed from the clamor of urban distractions.

After four amazing seasons, Project 387 made the tough choice to cease operations. We will never forget the amazing experiences we had with a truly wonderful community of artists. It was our honor to provide time and space for artists to explore their creative process. This website serves as an archive to that time.

PROJECT 387 Permanently Closed

Past Residency Opportunities:

2016 Theme: Place

To be considered, artists must submit a one-page project proposal, noting their objectives for Project 387's two-week session. The proposal should directly address this year's theme of "Place". Projects do not have to be completed during the residency, but participants are expected to work toward the desired outcomes outlined in their proposal. Artists will have the opportunity to engage with the local community through an Open Studio day, and an interest in this aspect of the residency is core to a successful applicant.

The goal of the thematic residency is to create a platform for artists working across disciplines to connect, through their practice and conversation, around Place. Applicants are encouraged to take the theme of Place in as literal or as ideological as they so choose. Successful past projects have engaged Place in a number of ways - through exploring the built environment and architecture of Sea Ranch, investigating  the geological, geographical, and personal history of the land, embedding portraits within the landscape, making sculpture that is directly responsive to the natural landscape, and much more. To learn more about past projects, please visit our blog. 


The Proposal:

Your one page project proposal should address the following points:

  • Summarize your project's objective, giving the reader a clear understanding of your intended work.

  • Express how you hope to grow your artistic practice while at Project 387.

  • Tell us why, in particular, Project 387 is the right place for you.

Additional materials:

In addition to the project proposal, we ask all applicants to submit a resume, a completed questionnaire, and work samples. 

Work Samples:

Visual artists should submit between 5 and 10 digital images at 200 dpi or less. No image should exceed 1200 px on its longest side.

Performance artists and filmmakers should submit 2 to 3 clips of work. No one clip should exceed 5 minutes. If you are sending a link to a larger piece, please specify which 5 minutes you wish to have reviewed. 

Application Fee: $25